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A Guest's Perspective

Sometimes having the wedding guest's perspective is a good thing. It gives you a chance, as a photographer, to capture those moments that normally may not be photographed by the hired gun. Plus I love going as a guest and giving the couple a surprise additions to their album. Here are some of my favorites from my cousin's beautiful barn wedding.

Perfect timing to find one of the ring bearers with a snagged cake pop.

Two other guests being themselves and not posing for the camera. This is the stuff I love.

The brother of the bride saying a few words for the bride and groom.

The kids taking a "time out"

Just hanging out in the crowd.

The bride and groom being themselves after all the formalities are over.

And the best part, the bride and groom having a late night serenade. This is one I know that they will look back on and smile ;)